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The introduction of hingle


An object in A set of another object part of the B C, the object of the exercise is A C restrictions, but A can in plane or around the C in space (C for spherical) turn, the object A and B will constitute A hinge. Hinge also called hinge is used to connect two solid, and allow both between do turn mechanism. Hinge may consist of components by mobile, or by folding material composition. Hinge mainly installed on the doors and Windows. Hinge more installed on ambry. According to the material mainly divided into the classification, stainless steel hinge and iron hinge. For let people get better enjoy again appeared hydraulic hinge, the characteristic is have buffer, the greatest degree of reducing noise. General hinge, it can be used in the closet doors, Windows, doors, etc. Concealed hinge, from the material can be divided into: iron, copper, stainless steel. From the specification can be divided into: 2 "(50 mm), 2.5" (65 mm), 3 "(75 mm), 4" (100 mm), 5 "(125 mm), 6" (150 mm), 50-65 mm hinge is applicable to ambry, wardrobe door, 75 mm is applicable to the window, screen door, 100-150 mm is applicable to the gate of the wood, aluminum alloy doors. Ordinary hinge defect is not has the function of bedspring hinge, installation hinge on reload after must all kinds of touch bead, otherwise the wind blows the door plank. Another TuoXie hinge, flags hinge, H hinge, and other special hinge them according to the special needs of various installation of wooden door can be removed, very convenient, use by direction restriction, points of left and right type. Spring hinge mainly used in closet door, wardrobe door, it general requirement board thickness for 18-20 mm. From material on points, can be divided into: DuXinTie, zinc alloy. From performance points, can be divided into: need to make hole, do not need to make hole two kinds. Do not need to make hole is what we call the bridge type hinge. Bridge type hinge appearance looks like a bridge,, so commonly known as bridge type hinge. Its characteristic is do not need to be in door plank holes, and should not be restricted style. Specification: small, medium, and large. Need to make hole, is now commonly used in the cupboard door the spring on the hinge, etc. Door hinge it points regular and bearing type, regular it had been told, are now key speak bearing type. Bearing type material can be divided from copper, stainless steel. From the specifications points: 100 X75 125 X75 150 X90 100 X100 125 X100 150 X100 thickness has 2.5 mm, 3 mm bearing have two bearing, four bearing. From the current consumption situation, choose copper bearing hinge is more, because of its style and beautiful, bright beautiful, price moderate, and equipped with screws.