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How to choose a handle


Domestic outfit, who all want to put your money in the blade. How to choose and buy for your new home is a suitable cost-effective doorknob hand again? In a word, adjust measures to local conditions. For example a door zohar must strong, insurance, ministry of public security authentication of the best, and indoor door pay more attention to beautiful, convenient. Bedroom door, living room, the door is not often pass, don't often locked, can buy switch frequency less of that, in general, the 100000 times enough, 200000 times would be a little "underused talent", and the toilet door lock, switch and locked higher frequencies to buy good quality a little, and ensure the high frequency switch some of the handle. In addition, the choose and buy doorknob hand also cannot ignore health factors. For instance toilet is suitable for the copper handle. Because stainless steel door handle looked clean, but actually can cause tens of thousands bacteria, including the gram bacteria, escherichia coli and streptococcus, etc. The bacterium on brass doorknob hand than stainless steel doorknob much less, because copper has the effect that kills a bacterium. It is recommended that you the toilet in the home had better install brass doorknob hand, good health.