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Window Locks for Better Window Protection


TheSterling window locks range includes the double hung sash lock, sliding window lock, and keyed casement fastener. A wide variety of window locks, window handles, window hardware and so on.A recent article in the West Sussex Gazette described how burglars entered a kitchen through an open window and stole a handbag.Whilst we should be sure that our external locks and window locks are to the correct British Standard, it is also important to protect the house with a good burglar alarm.Window Lock Series. Window lock (sliding handle) widely used in UPVC and Aluminum window.Slide or end adjustable tandem patio door.Ensuring that your window locks are visible from the outside is another simple and common sense method of preventing burglars from breaking in. A locked window indicates to the burglar that he will not be able to enter the house easily. He will have to smash the window and cause a racket in the neighborhood, increasing his chances of getting caught. If the visibility of a window lock is blocked by a curtain or a 'bric-a-brac' decoration make sure to move them away from the lock.
Do not leave the key in its keyhole under any circumstance. If you do not have a multi-point locking system protecting your perimeter windows, including skylights, balconies and basement windows or any other accessible areas install a window lock. Do not install locks in windows designed to be fire escapes.