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Stainless steel market digest is stagflationary


The dollar dropped yesterday, today's pressure for $81.56. LME nickel fell yesterday, closing price of 16290 U.S. dollars, down 199 U.S. dollars, today is no pressure, supporting is 16270 dollars today. 31 Federal Reserve meeting on QE3 is expected in the presence of uncertainty, the market into the wait-and-see period.  Domestic plate  is strong yesterday, did not appear effective downward, if trends continue to rebound, nickel, will continue to uplink. Domestic stainless steel electronic disk is low, the price is in 17500 yuan per ton around, nickel electronic disk opening price at 117 yuan per kg nearly, pay attention to the risk.

As the market atmosphere thick haze, the original resource scarcity situation has not improved. In recent,  321market with two Wuxi Foshan showed out hall deserted situation, even over relatively smooth hot also appear deal lonely together. Although East resources in hot rolling of the price advantage is obvious, but the overall atmosphere of the depression that I be lonely. TISCO Cold Rolling market continues to present the recent resources scarce, hot hand, east resource in baosteel. And the recent stock market in Baosteel 1250 width hot more down signs, for the downstream demand has a certain attraction, with Fallon nickel gradually stabilized status rebound trend, 321 market transactions in the adverse condition can be improved. Today is expected to 321 cold rolling of market price is relatively strong, hot resource small range adjustment.

Today morning inquiry, Wuxi business market position still firm word pawn, mainstream price in the 9500-9700 yuan / ton. Foshan market individual businesses offer the potential to climb, mainstream price 9300-9500 yuan / ton.