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How to maintain door lock


The lock is a equipment used to lock the door to prevent others to open the door ,which may be mechanical, may also be electric, while electric need electricity.
Lock has different classifications , in various occasions to lock the requirements is different, ordinary families generally use anti-theft locks, high security and the price is cheaper; in some high-end places, the secret service will use locks, fingerprint lock, high safety, expensive; many public occasions choose the use of a glass door, so the glass door lock used would be more widely.
Door must have the safety, stability lock as security products must have the safety, stability. Safety can be measured from two aspects: one is to resist vandalism, practical joke and deliberate prying, drilling and other violent destruction. In this regard, the mechanical lock and electronic lock mechanical strength are generally able to meet the requirements. And in all the various types of locks, only the RF card electronic door lock is a fully enclosed structure, its security is best. The second one is to prevent technical opening, a mechanical lock for preventing technical opening ability is very bad. No matter what the structure mechanical lock can be opened by other means. The key can be copied is great potential safety hazard. In the electronic lock, magnetic card without password is restricted, the key card is easy to be copied. IC card and RF card is completely solve the protection technology of opening questions.
As the door lock, its stability is also very important. When  cannot open the door, the door can not be closed off to the financial enterprise caused serious losses. In general, several electronic door lock, the stability of RF card electronic door lock  was significantly higher than that of other electronic door lock. Magnetic card is afraid of a strong magnetic field, IC Kapa scared greasy dirt, dust and static ( especially dry weather and woolen goods together ), and the radio frequency card with a fully sealed, waterproof, dust-proof, anti-static characteristics. From the card reading way, only the RF card reading does not contact, it will the longest service life.