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Why the glass is transparent


 One of the important reasons is it's empty even though is solid material if from inside the atom to see. Because  inside the atom, adding atomic nuclei and electrons of the volume up,  the atomic volume lesss than 100 million points. Besides, there's no evidence of atomic nuclei and electrons cannot be photons pass through! Therefore, the transparent is normal!
To make sense of this complex problem must first make clear the following questions: why some material is opaque?
The opaque material is divided into four categories:
1,The reason why the matalis opaque is that free electron played a stopped role.
2, The material can absorb light  leads to the opaque. This class of substances on molecular electronic excitation energy is relatively low, exactly in the range of visible light, molecules tend to phencyclidine, benzoquinone, benzidine or other conjugated system structure, which can reduce the electronic excitation energy, the electron is prone to transition and absorption photon energy. This light is absorbed.
3, The transparent material structure was destroyed . If the glass is transparent, but the glass dust is opaque; ice is transparent, while the ice was broken is opaque. If a substance which characterizes the structure of not complying with 1,2, it is available through the light, but if its structure has many small gaps, it is white. This is a white object opaque reason.
4,Front reason with mixed results. In reality, many objects in the opaque is the reason.
If a substance has no free electrons in the structure, and no electronnot easily excited , material structure is very close, there are not many pores and other conditions. The substance can be through the photon, is transparent. The glass is transparent!