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The definition of building hardware


Building hardware is a floorboard architecture of buildings or structures are used in metal and non-metallic products or accessories. In general ,it has practical and decorative double effect. Building hardware starting in a blacksmith shop, coppersmith shop and tinsmith shop manual mill. China had appeareda nail mill  in the Tang Dynasty, such as manual nail , bolt, lock, door knocker and so on. But as a result of the ancient buildings with wood and stone structures, construction hardware  deveioped veryslowly in the past thousands of years . After the nineteenth Century, with the metal material in common use and the need of social life, building hardware is able to develop quickly, appeared a lot of production steel nail, hinge, bolt, hook, faucet valves, metal wire mesh screens and other small factory or workshop. Later gradually adopt mechanical processing equipment to replace the handmade, formed a lot of professional enterprises. With the continuous improvement of the standard of various buildings, modern architectural hardware products from a single species to the development of the series, beautiful, decorative effect of the increasingly high demand. Architectural hardware products production technology also has great progress. Most of the products from the original manual, semi mechanical operation for the development of semi-automatic or fully automatic machine production line. Building hardware in the material has been changed from the traditional copper alloys, low carbon steel, extended to zinc alloy, aluminum alloy stainless steel, plastic, all kinds of steel and glass composite materials.