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The distribution of protective film


The protective film initially concentrated in Japan, the United States and Europe and other developed countries, as a result of industrialized development is earlier in Europe and American, it is? earlier access to the product surface protection requirements than Asian, by reducing the factory has been to the market in the circulation link, the product in the transport, handling, storage, and display of the process, the surface scratch of loss. European brand in rubber type adhesive protection film leads the world, but the type of rubber adhesive protective film because of its characteristics, so far is still the stainless steel plate, sheet, and even some plastic parts processing complicated industry. In Japan the non-toxic PVC material and PET texture and AR material developed earlier, the technology is more advanced, therefore, mobile phone screensavers membrane Japan, Korea is relatively rapid development. However, at present, Japan and South Korea mainly in the production of high-end mobile phone protective film, and its export to PVC, PET and AR material. Chinese mainland as the mobile phone consumption, the current mobile phone screen film production and sales of more, after several years of development, has been able to produce a higher-end protective film, the protective film from Japan, although there is still a certain gap, but as of now, there has been completely replaced by South Korean film trend, and the past two years, Japan and South Korean protective film manufacturers have been put into operation in mainland China or to set up a joint venture company. On the Chinese mobile phone film production, as its main some tape factory, electronic materials factory, protective film factory of non-core business to business. Specializing in the production of protective film manufacturers less, because the original film production and film coating process is complex, many technical aspects needed to be broken, and a good film, coating line investment is high, so the true protective film manufacturers are not many, can make very good original film is less. So most of the factory only stay in the protective film two times, three times the processing stage, the protective film industry chain which belongs to the lower level. On the regional distribution, mainly in Shenzhen, Foshan, Guangdong and Dongguan, Zhejiang, Shanghai, and parts of Jiangsu. But with the touch screen mobile phone and mobile phone to3G popular attention, protection film market was also more business concerns. Many manufacturers have begun to produce high-end protective film to meet young people's pursuit of fashion.