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Adhesive 600-1400

Adhesive 600-1400

Adhesive 600-1400


Detailed Product Description:
Pile Height:
1)self-stick weather strip for sliding door
2) With adhesive on its back
3)glue types: 3M/hot melting glue

1. Adhesive weather strip for sliding door
2. Self adhesive backing can be applied to all types
3.Features: made to measure weather strip with high resilience
4.glue kinds:environmental hot-melting glue or genuine 3M glue.

 1), high density and resilience, keep constant after 20 thousand collisions.
 2), convenient to use

6.Action: dust-proof, insect-proof, sound-proof, buffering
7.Scope of application: apply to kinds of plastic profiles and sealing for windows and doors.
8.Dimension: can be produced in accordance with the profile


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