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180°Shower hinge is suitable for the insrallation with width 800mm and thickness 8-12mm,it will be close automatically,three color,including chrome-plated,satin,gold,are available.
Bearing capacity:35kg
Note:the glass must be tempered.

Most shower doors are made of glass. A glass door has hinges installed on the door jamb and door itself to keep it swinging freely. If the hinges are loose, or adjusted improperly, the bottom of the door may drag along the base of the shower. This can cause the door to crack or splinter at the bottom, or possibly break. Adjust the hinges as soon as you notice any interference in the door's movement.

Material: Cooper ,it can be guaranteed to prevent rusting
Plastic gasket and spacers can protect against glass to metal contact
when glass clamp setup with glass, it will be perfect straight

Application: shower room glass door, bathroom door

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