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90°Double Shower hinge is suitable for the insrallation with width 800mm and thickness 8-12mm,it will be close automatically,three color,including chrome-plated,satin,gold,are available.
Bearing capacity:35kg
Note:the glass must be tempered.

Leaks around the sides and bottom of your frameless shower door are usually the result of misaligned door hinges. Frameless shower doors use two or three hinges, depending on the size of the door and the weight of the glass. Adjusting frameless glass shower door hinges usually resolves most leak issues. You need to have a helper because the door has to be lifted from the outside while you adjust the hinge screws, which are on the inside of the shower.

1)High quality steel glass shower hinge
2)different surface available,different size
3)material:stainless steel,brass and Zn
4)easy to install and safety

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4.Technology Support
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