Glass Fittings Manufacturer In China.

Glass Fittings

Glass Fittings

Glass Fittings

Our range of door hardware includes 100 models of door clamps and 10 models of door closers, including:

Floor springs: AppIicable to double swing door with a max. Width of 800mm and max. Weight of 60-80kg.

shower hinges: suitable for the installation with width 800mm and thickness 8-12mm, it will be close automatically, three color, including chrome-plated, satin, gold, are available. Bearing capacity:35kg (Note:the glass must be tempered.)

Patch fittings: available in various finishing options (SSS, PSS, titanium,)

Door clamps: arched, square, rectangular and irregular shapes

Door closers: hydraulic, concealed, elastic

Handles: stainless steel, wood, stone

In terms of production capacity, we can produce 30,000 door closers, 40,000 floor springs, 10,000 door handles and 150,000 patch fittings every month. We look forward to cooperating with you on your projects and making them successful!

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