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Single  door single lock head
Suitable for toughened glass door with a thickness of 10-12mm.

Sliding glass doors lock with latches that are attached to the handles. Many come with keys for locking and unlocking from the outside. As a security precaution, you should change the door locks if you ever lose the key to the door. You'll change the door locks on the sliding glass doors by replacing the handles on all the doors that use the same key.

1.Used for glass door
2.fashionable design and convenient
4.made of high-quality stainless steel

1. Material: stainless steel,nickle or zinc alloy
2. Finish: satin, polished,golden.
3. Properties: highly resistant to corrosion, high hardness and durable
4. Applicable for glass  door,Using for 10-12mm glass
5. The design to be precise,the safe reliable
6. Easy installation & easy maintenance
7. The lock is very secure and provide the security needed in secure locations
8. The lock locks and unlocks smoothly,and the key inserts and withdraws easily

Our Advantages
1. High quality
2. Professional supplier
3. Wide range
4. High capacity
5. Competitive Prices and on-time delivery

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