Hydraulic door closer Manufacturer In China.

Hydraulic door closer

Hydraulic door closer

Hydraulic door closer


Suitable for one-way opening door with maximum door plank width of 900mm,Suitable for door weight of 24-45kg.
For 0°-180°full hydraulic control with two sections for controlling the closing speed individually,closing door secyion 180°-20°,closing lock section 20°-0°.
With a constant temperature fitting,can keep a steady closing speed on the change of the difference in tenperature.
High quality alloy die-cast body,safe and durable,protected by three layers bright paint,prevent oxidation.
For both left or right-hand door,canassemble with them.
Surfaxe color:silver,golden,black or custom-made.

A door closer is a hardware device that is typically installed along the top of a door and frame. It uses a hydraulic-based mechanism to automatically close the door each time it is opened. These units offer many advantages, particularly in commercial buildings. By keeping the door shut tightly at all times, the closer provides assurance that the door is secure, and has not been left open. It also helps improve energy efficiency while keeping fire and smoke from spreading. These devices can be a challenge to install, so proper tools and planning are key to a successful installation job.

1. Door can hold open at 90 degree.
2. Closing and latching speed can be adjusted by two valves.
  The fastest closing time is 3 seconds from 90 degree to 0degree.
  The slowly closing time is above 40 seconds.
3.It will create resistance to avoid too much forces when open the door at above 65 degree.
  It can pretend to hit the wall.
  And the resistance can be adjustment.

1.Full-set quality control
2.Strict quality inspection
3.Tight Tolerances
4.Technology Support
5.As international standard
6.Good quality and prompt delivery

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