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Alloy door closer

Alloy door closer

Alloy door closer


Suitable for one-way opening door with maximum door plank width of 700mm, Suitable for door weight of 15-30kg. For 0°-180°full hydraulic control with two sections for controlling the closing speed individually, closing door secyion 180°-20°, closing lock section 20°-0°.

With a constant temperature fitting,can keep a steady closing speed on the change of the difference in tenperature.

High quality alloy die-cast body, safe and durable, protected by three layers bright paint, prevent oxidation.

For both left or right-hand door, canassemble with them.

Surfaxe color: silver, golden, black or custom-made.

Closing speed can be adjusted independently
locking speed can be independent regulation

The main part is made of aluminum extrusion, prevent the body oil leakage, high intensity body, import high quality hydraulic oil, whether cold or summer can guarantee open automatically, smooth operation, stable quality, durable, used for light door, open by left and right, can three sections of speed regulation.
Great World superiority for the door closer:                                                                                                                            
1>The adjustable section of closing speed is 180-20 degrees, the adjustable section of locking is 20-0 degrees.   
2>The painting plastic moving arm can protect from eroding, the excellent closing can protect from oil leakage.  
3>Super aluminum alloy casting machine and three layers of brightness painting will protect it from oxygenation.    
4> Two hydraulic pressure valves control two sections of door closing separately, the speed of locking have been control by the whole section of hydraulic pressure.    
5>The high-carbon steel axis and rack work smart and less transfigure after being managed through high channel adjusting.    
6>With a function of stopping at anchor point of 90 degrees and no anchor point of 180 degrees.

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